From post-war Ireland to the Canadian prairies, life has been good to me for the most part. Photography is a passion. Writing is an obsession. I've been an avid reader and student for most of my life and now it's my turn to give back some of what I've gained. 

Over the years I've worked as an orthomolecular nutrition consultant, Photoshop teacher, kindergarten readiness facilitator, television journalist/producer/writer and always a photographer but raising children has been my favourite vocation. As the mother of two grown children and the foster mother of three more, I have been blessed in many ways.

My mother and my grandmother were great influences in my life. As I began our family genealogy, the recipes that bound us all together became significant in ways I couldn't have imagined. The photo in the background is of the Isle of Islay in the Southern Hebrides. This is where my grandmothers were born.